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Professional security solutions for local and state government entities.

Crucial Service Aspects

State and local regulated environments have service aspects that are best met by our local subsidiaries with community ties and familiarity.


Low personnel turnover by staffing highly-trained, armed or unarmed, and security-cleared professionals, from private security, off duty law enforcement, and veterans.


A fully-staffed and responsive management structure that delivers service aspects necessary to meet safety, security, and regulatory requirements.

Government and highly-regulated facilities require layers of security and a nuanced approach to risk management that helps governments mitigate safety and security issues. Our solutions can accommodate security services budgets and achieve the security goals of administrators.

Customer Types​
  • City and state administrative services

  • Public utilities and utility contractors

  • Embassies and consulates

  • Courts and judicial buildings

  • Municipal, county and state agencies

  • Ports, airports, and rail

  • Transit authorities

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