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Mobile patrol is an effective and often lower-cost way to secure one or many sites.


​External building inspections. Random checks of parking lots, vehicles, storage lots and outbuildings, along with the exterior lighting, doors and windows.

Lock and Unlock Services. Doorways and access points can be monitored, secured or opened after hours or at times that do coincide with client-defined schedules.


Periodic Interior Security Patrols. Defined checkpoints are inspected and recorded according to client specifications.

System Checks. Physically monitor your facility’s HVAC or other operating system(s), interior doors, and lighting. 

Security Systems. Activate or deactivate security systems

We comprised a mobile patrol and alarm response team to fulfill the needs of clients that desire maximum protection at an optimal value. The basic components of our mobile patrol are highly visible vehicles and well-trained experienced patrol officers.


Each officer assigned to patrol undergoes specified training relating to patrol procedures, use of force, building searches and other topics pertaining to this area of security. 


Our officers patrol sites by vehicle and foot. These officers check doors, windows, fencing and the general conditions of the site relating to security aspects. If officers identify a security or safety issue they radio into our 24-hour dispatch center, which takes further action by resolving the issue using the patrol officer on site and/or contacting supervisors, law enforcement, the client, or other parties as needed.

Notifications & Documentation

Clients receive documentation of all security activity that takes place at their sites.


Patrol Officers utilize real-time on incident and activity reporting software that is accessible by clients.

Ensured Staffing

Post Watch Staffing Fulfillment System. We use industry leading technology to ensure all of our security duties and posts are fulfilled on time and for their full duration. 

Reliability Enhanced by Patrol. Our patrol capability enhances our ability to maintain continuity for customers, respond to emergencies, and mitigate unexpected personnel shortages.

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